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I don't just teach my students a foreign language. I give them a very powerful tool - a code - that opens a door to a different culture, new people and possibilities.
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I was born in St. Petersburg, Peter the Great's window on Europe, the Venice of the North, the city of white nights and Dostoevsky.
that included an in-depth study of German where I discovered my passion for foreign languages.
I attended a school
I graduated with honors from the Milan State University with a degree in Foreign Languages and Literature.
In 2019
I am pursuing a Master’s degree in Russian as a Foreign Language at the Pushkin Institute in Moscow.
Help students with different needs and give them up-to-date and comprehensive lessons.
I am fluent in Italian and English and still remember some German. I enjoy learning and know how to help others understand Russian grammar, gain confidence in speaking Russian, and achieve their goals.
I use the communicative approach as my teaching method. It is about consolidating each grammatical aspect by using it in speech, so that you get used to speaking correctly as soon as possible.
My goal is TO
The best way to start studying a foreign language is to trust an experienced teacher who knows the shortest path to your result. In classes with beginners, we start by learning Russian alphabet and gradually dive in the Russian grammar, fascinating and full of surprises! During this first stage and up to B1, students actively learn grammar and follow a very precise program. Each subsequent topic of this program leans on the already existing base, which makes it easier to assimilate. Thanks to the communicative approach, students learn to speak correctly in an easy and entertaining way. Trust me, grammar can be fun!
Being certified TORFL (Test of Russian as Foreign Language) examiner, I know the entire procedure examination, the evaluation system and all the pitfalls. I can help you prepare for your TORFL test, individually or in a group.
I offer individual and group lessons for all levels. All lessons are held exclusively online via Skype.
I offer customised learning plans that are tailored to your current level and needs. Your result is my priority! Please note that while one hour of lessons per week (out of 168 hours per week) is a good start, it may not be enough to see significant improvement unless you also work on your own. I encourage you to supplement our lessons with additional practice and study. After each lesson, I will prepare and leave homework for you to complete before the next session. This will allow you to review the material and get the most out of our lessons.
If you have already studied Russian in the past and want to maintain or/and improve your skills, you are in the right place! Depending on your current level, we can do a variety of things: watch and retell videos, describe pictures, read articles and, most importantly — discuss them! Apart from fixing grammar gaps, I build up my lessons around conversation. Isn't it the main goal of any language learning?


Online Courses
If learning online is your thing and your current level is A2+ then I’m glad to present you my online courses held in a private telegram channel
Group Lessons
Group classes are suitable for those who recognize the value of working together with other people of the same level. Besides, it is much more convenient!
6 months - from 288€
Click on the links with prices and take a look at the courses’ description on Instagram
Individual Lessons
5 participants
60 min - 25€
90 min - 35€
Payment is required in advance
12€ each
1-2 weekly lessons of 1,5 hours each
6 months access


Olesia was available for correcting the exercises I sent her and always managed to resolve my doubts by explaining the topics very clearly!
Olesia is a really pleasant and interesting person, always willing to help you even outside of regular classes. You cannot find better than that.
Olesia always offers me diversified exercises, useful for practicing different language skills including speaking, writing and listening; she cares about making you understand why certain grammar choices are made, not just giving the general rule but going beyond that.
Every lesson with her is a pleasure, we cover very interesting topics and I feel completely comfortable in speaking. Olesia has so much patience and you can sense how much she cares about her students and how much she enjoys teaching!
From the very first lesson I immediately felt at ease and I appreciated so much how Olesya is able to build the lessons around the student's needs perfectly.
Olesia is extremely detail oriented, which allows me from forming poor pronunciation and grammatical habits. Looking forward to the next lesson!
Great Start! I like the fluent Italian level in combination with the mother tongue Russian. Teacher is patient and funny at the same time.
Olesia is a competent teacher as well as a very pleasant person. She introduced me to Russian grammar very clearly, and the lessons are always stimulating.
Good and fair approach. Teacher is immediately creating a friendly atmosphere which helps in learning. Very useful learning tools, well managed by teacher.
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